How It Works

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Create a new budget with a simple form. Use the suggested categories to save setup time.
Think about all of your income and expenses, then enter them in the Items tab.
Use the Planner to see a running total of your accounts, and make adjustments as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free or is there a catch?

Yes, it's really free. Sign-up and use the service as much as you'd like and pay absolutely nothing.

How can you offer a free service?

We leverage cloud services to keep our hosting costs affordable, while enabling us to provide a fast and reliable service to you. We are committed to providing our budgeting tool for free, because those who need it most, don't need another bill.

How is this different from other budgeting tools?

We designed our budgeting tool to be easy for anyone to use. We get right to the point, and show you exactly what you need to know to keep your budget on track.

Do you sell my personal or financial data?

No. The data that you enter is used only to provide our service to you.

Do you need access to my bank accounts?

No. We do not connect to bank accounts. Calculations are based on the account balances that you enter into the tool.

Do you have an app for this budget?

The budgeting tool is a website designed to work effectively on both desktops and mobile devices with the same look and feel. Any changes you make to your budget will stay in sync on all of your devices and computers. For your convenience, we recommend adding the website URL to the homescreen of your mobile devices.

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